Importance of Play

A brief about a play

Play may look fun, but it’s incredibly significant for a child’s development and learning. So much so, that the importance of play in childhood cannot be underestimated.

Building the Brain

The play is one of the fundamental aspects of brain development, together with nutrition, protection, and other forms of stimulation.

By providing good nutrition, protection, and opportunities to play, engage, and learn, we can guide every child on a path to a healthy future.

In order to be strong for life, a child’s brain needs to make connections between neurons. Think of the brain as you would of a house. Neurons are like the walls, ceilings, and pipes that map the house together and enable activities to happen in the house. Connections between neurons are created through early play, personal relationships, and experiences, be it the big things – such as parties and holidays – or the little things – such as a game of peekaboo, or a cuddle at the end of the day.

Importance of play:

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Cultivating the imagination:

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Destructive play:

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Power of imagination:

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Toy Library

Toys and play are an important part of the process of growth and development of children. At Ankura, we provide a toy library to give relief to the parents from the burden of buying toys which are expensive. The facility is provided to the children with an annual membership where they can borrow a toy for a week.

Ankura also has access to a wide range of Lego and Duplo toys that are available for rent. These help to enhance creativity, are educational in nature and help in the development of the child in many areas.

Ankura in partnership with Toylet is also setting up a Mobile LEGO library for the benefit of children in Govt. schools. This will help in enhancing creativity and innovation. Volunteers take Lego and Duplo sets to several govt schools and lets the children (largely between 6-2 years) play with these sets. The outcomes are truly mesmerizing.

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