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“Parents look for settings that are a natural extension of their homes where teachers wear hats of a parents and a mentor. That’s exactly what we got at Ankura Play Home. Yash enjoyed and looked forward to return to this environment every day. Although it is initial years, I am very happy with the values imbibed in my son. His strengths were harnessed and areas where he needs to improve were attended to consciously.
Further, the Director is a very learned woman who guided us in every stage. She is easily accessible, and we felt comfortable when as parents we poured our concerns with her. This is a great school and not be surprised if it becomes one of the best Montessori’s in Bangalore”.

Basawaraj Shivalingaiah (

“I got reference of Communication DEALL program from NIMHANS, Bangalore when my son Karthik got detected that he is suffering with communication disorder at the age of 2.5 years (Feb 2009). We have Com DEALL unit only at Cooke’s town and we put up in Jayanagar. Its very hard to send my son every day about 30 kms of travel as he very young. Luckily, I found Ankura Foundation run by Dr. Shobha, I contacted her and she is really cooperative, helpful and had got admitted into Ankura. We see a lot of improvement in my son with a concrete plan. We are very much thankful to Dr. Shobha for her dedication to each child”.

Kotta Siva Sankara (

“My husband and I came in for a check up at a prestigious hospital in Bangalore for my son Dina. He was diagnosed as mild Autistic. We were recommended for a popular Early Intervention Program in Bangalore. Since we came late, he could not get a seat in the program.
Dina, our son was non-verbal and would not sit in one place. Saddest thing was he did not call me amma or my driver Deva. I was disappointed and worried. Later, we visited Ankura Foundation, we found the program very exciting, Dina later joined Ankura. We decided to make a home in Bangalore near the school. We saw a drastic change in all areas of development within a year. He started verbalizing, his attention span increased, he was able to name alphabet and many more. Though his speech was echolalic, soon his speech made sense.
Today, Dina is an independent child going to school in Coimbator reading and writing. it is fantastic! To say thanks to Ankura Program for bringing a change in my son”.

Selvi (

“My son was 1 year 10 months old when he joined Ankura, and he was diagnosed with high risk of autism. In a span of 4 months, he went from no verbal communication to 80 meaningful words in his vocabulary. I strongly believe that aggressive early intervention received at Ankura played a major role in his recovery. He went from very poor eye contact to confident eye contact during communication, again thanks to the therapies.
He also showed significant improvement in social behaviour.
I am glad to have been part of Ankura, would love to be of any help to other parents going through similar situation.
Amongst all, along with all the professional help, the key is environment at home. I wish and pray that every child will get that support both professionally and at home to overcome the hurdles”.



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