Physical Therapy


Physiotherapy focuses on increasing daily living skills to allow children to gain independence in their daily functioning through specific & targeted play. This includes facilitating performance in the following areas:

  • Attention & direction following
  • Balancing, motor planning & coordination
  • Congenital or acquired orthopedic impairments 
  • Developmental delays
  • Handwriting & fine motor abilities
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Ocular and hand/eye coordination
  • Oral motor & feeding abilities
  • Self-care skills (i.e. dressing, grooming, hygiene, etc.)
  • Sensory Integration and refinement of sensory processing
  • Socialization & play skills
  • Other mobility limiting conditions

Occupation Therapy

Ankura provides a variety of treatment techniques to enhance and improve child’s mobility and independent function through play.

Occupation therapy refers to meaningful activities that we participate in on a daily basis. Children’s main occupations are school, play, & socialization. Occupational therapy helps to address any underlying deficits that impact a child’s ability to participate in these activities & environments to their fullest potential.


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